Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Losing Weight

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Avoiding heart disease & looking 'fit & fab' aren't always the only reasons to lose weight. Being overweight literally has many side effects, from minor complaints like back pain to somewhat major severe consequences like being more predisposed to suffer from type 2 diabetes. But, besides lessening these health issues, there are also loads of benefits that come with a normal or, let's say, toned figure.

Read these 5 quick & significant ways from The Tree For Life to discover insights into how your body & lifestyle can change after shedding some pounds. So let’s talk about them now.

#1 Your immune system will work OK.

Like all things, balance in the immune system is also essential. If we have a healthy amount of fat, our hormones & cell signals work perfectly. However, if we have too much, things start to go wrong. For instance, with too much extra body fat, our body's immune systems get off-kilter.

Elevated BMI & more body fat is correlated with greater risk for several kinds of diseases, including:

  • nose and sinus infections,
  • gum infections,
  • stomach infections, and
  • herpes (thankfully, the mouth kind)

Losing unnecessary body fat symbolizes a healthier, more active, more robust immune system & all this stuff indirectly means fewer infections, coughs, colds & healthier daily life.

#2 You can try new activities.

With that additional weight, sometimes you might have felt restricted in performing some kinds of activities & exercises.

With a slim-fit frame, look forward to enjoying outdoor exercises & activities you were never able to participate in before, like skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or surfing.

#3 Your cancer risk will be minimal

Most people know that smoking & sunning can up your cancer risk, but few realize that obesity is also linked to cancer. (Specialists believe that the very same inflammation that begins the weight gain process causes DNA damage & finally cancer) That is really bad news.

However, according to a Cancer Research study of postmenopausal women, the good news is you can reduce levels of inflammation by dropping just 5% of your whole body weight.

#4 Your knees & elbows will thank you.

Being overweight puts a severe strain on the joints of your body, especially on the knees. Although almost everyone struggles with wear & tear on their joints every day, fat physiques build up excess strain on these same joints.

Furthermore, factors linked with weight gain could create trouble in smaller joints, like in your hands.You'll gain confidence & feel energized.

Bottom line: One of the critical reasons to lose weight is reducing joint pain and improving your movement.

#5 You'll gain confidence & feel energized.

After you step on the scale & see you are 5 pounds lighter, that feeling you encounter isn't just relief. It will reflect confidence in your achievement. You will feel really great after realizing you have taken complete control of your life for the better & you have got the results to prove it.

In addition, after losing some pounds, you will soon start feeling more energetic. It's not only because you are eating healthy food or our worthwhile products from The Tree For Life for your weight loss journey but also because your body requires less energy to keep you ready when you are lugging around less weight.

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