Advanced Weight loss
Advanced Weight loss
Advanced Weight loss
Advanced Weight loss
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Advanced Weight loss

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LOOK AT THIS a new testimony of our Advanced w/ African mango Vibrationally charged HCG. My niece has had a “pear shape” all of her adult life. She is thrilled with her results and experience with hcg. Size 6 jeans!!

Within the first week of the diet, I dropped 15 pounds! Within a couple days my hunger vanished. I no longer craved any of the foods that led to my obesity. As the days flew by, I felt more and more stronger. The Tree for Life HCG system has made me mentally stronger.It has been a week since I have been off the HCG diet, and I feel like I conquered all my temptations and weaknesses because I no longer have a desire to eat these unhealthy foods.

The HCG protocol completely reset my metabolism. Now I know I can lose weight effortlessly through exercise and diet. The 21 day journey has trained my body to eat the right stuff. I also find myself feeling full by eating normal portions, and not over stuffing myself like so many times in the past. I have lots of energy! My headaches are gone! My endurance level during my work outs are at surprising levels! My family members and co workers say I look younger.

What would have took me several months only took me 21 days!!!!
the tree for life is the answer I was looking for. Their high quality supplements is what makes the difference. I thank the owners of the Tree for life for answering the many questions I had during the diet. They have an unbelievable amount of knowledge to help you with your weight loss journey.

Thank you

So far I have lost 131 lbs in 7 months with the help of the Advanced drops and B12. I still have 10 lbs until I reach my goal. But I am gonna hit it! Jeff

This has been an amazing journey. I recommend their products to all my friends and family. The products are gentle on your body and effective enough so that people can see the difference it has made in your life!! Without this added boost I would have never been able to lose the weight and had my body feel great while doing it!! I have had intestinal surgeries in my past and the product did not cause any intestinal flaring or any discomfort for me. Such amazing products :) Jenna


2 years ago on this day, I started my journey to get healthy. I was wearing this size in pants (size 24) and I weighed 258.8 lbs. Today I am in a size 10 and I'm 80 lbs smaller....woot woot!! It's been a long journey, filled with ups & downs, and it's not over yet, but I'm so glad I decided to do this!!!! Thank you God, thank you to all who encouraged & cheered me on, thank you Brent & Melissa and thank you Tree For Life....I am forever grateful!!!! Jen

Advanced Weight loss

Seven years ago we made this product, and it still is one of our best sellers.  The Advanced is safe for anyone to take and has 900 mg of African Mango for an appetite suppressant without any caffeine and burns fat up to 20 hours. You do need to make sure you are drinking at least 50 your weight in ounces in water with this one

Advanced (ADV)! ADV is 10X stronger than our original Plus 800 formula. This fantastic drop is charged ten times more to ensure optimum potency.  With our Advanced, it is ten times stronger; it is one of the most reliable weight loss drops on the market today. Not only is our Advanced more potent, but it has a patented formula causing the Fat to be released in a much more gradual way thanks to a time release herb in the formula. ADV helps decrease toxicity levels and makes the weight loss greater without experiencing plateaus (in contrast to our +Plus version which releases the fat in a 6-hour window). With our Advanced you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a day on average without the typical side effects of rapid weight loss. Advanced your number one choice for weight loss!



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