April is Adrenal Health Month

April marks Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness Month.  

Sitting on your kidneys are two triangular shaped objects called adrenal glands. They are the fancy top hats to your kidneys. In your brain is a pituitary gland that is the size of a peanut. It sends messages (not via text message) to your adrenals to make stress hormones. You may have heard “stress hormone” or “cortisol” on “Dr. Oz” in relation to stress leading to belly fat. While this may be confusing, cortisol is actually 100 percent necessary for a person to remain alive.

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When the adrenals become depleted, the body is unable to handle stress. This condition is called adrenal overload, burnout, hypofunction, exhaustion or insufficiency.
The liver and the kidney are the organs that have to process the results of the stress. They process the chemical and hormonal aftermath of our mental, emotional, physical, chemical, and spiritual responses.
When the liver and kidney become depleted and cannot process the byproducts of stress fast enough, they store excess toxins in other organs, in the muscles, and on the skin. This condition is called liver and kidney overload, burnout, hypofunction, exhaustion or insufficiency.

Are you easily overwhelmed by everyday tasks that once were a breeze?
Do you get angry over things that never use to bother you?
Have you gained weight around your waist?
Is your sleep not as regular or as restful as it once was?
Is it difficult for you to concentrate on important tasks?
Are you falling ill more frequently, catching more colds and infections than before?
Do you have cravings for unhealthy foods? Is your libido low and not what is once was?
Are you easily irritated by family members, co-workers, and people around you?
Do you feel exhausted, as if you have no energy by the middle of the afternoon?
Are you relying on coffee or chocolate to make it through the day? Do aches and pains linger longer than they once did?
Are you drinking more alcohol to relieve stress?

Our Adrenal 365 will give you the support you need for everyday stress.
About 365
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