Cheat Day!

The Importance of Having One Cheat Day When Dieting
Dieting may seem like an impossible feat, especially when you're trying to do it for long periods of time. Allowing one cheat day every 10 days is encouraged and we have seen great results from those who have followed this advice. While you don't have to allow yourself a cheat day, you will reap benefits when choosing this weight-loss strategy.

Feel Satisfied
So while doing the Tree for Life protocol allowing yourself one cheat day can help you feel satisfied. So have that pasta or Mexican food you have been craving and enjoy it. Then the next day go right back on your diet. A cheat day isn't mandatory when dieting but it often helps curb week-long cravings, allowing you to refocus in the week to come. Your body will feel good and your mind will follow.

Avoid Boredom
Eating the same thing all the time can be boring and drag you down, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, severely restricting certain foods makes it difficult to stick with a diet long term. A cheat day often helps dieters change up their routines and eating patterns, and increase variety -- and certain nutrients -- in their diets.

So a cheat day every 10 days will help you jump start your metabolism and get your leptin receptor working again.