Covid Supplement Protocol

VACCINATED SUPPORT                                         SUPPLEMENT SUPPORT

What to do if you begin to experience Covid symptoms. These symptoms can include fever, chills, loss of taste or smell, weird headaches or body aches. If you begin to experience any of these we recommend this supplement protocol. (We had covid and this is what we did and it worked for us)

Immune Shield - This is what our scientist created for covid support. Has Organic Zinc and Quinine with a robust proprietary blend of health herbs and support.

Detoxidine - Iodine is an important nutrient we all need. It’s essential for healthy thyroid function, hormone balance, and metabolism. Detoxadine is an organic, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement. It’s as pure as it gets and just a few drops can completely satisfy your daily iodine requirement. Take 30-40 drops a day

Zinc - 100 MG. So take 50 mg in the morning and 50 later in the day with small meal

Vitamin C - 30,000 mg.

Oregano - We recommend Oregatrex

Vitamin D - 5000 -10000 iu.

Quercetin - Neutralize free radicals and give your body a boost with our Plant-Based Quercetin. This unique antioxidant is made with highly bio-available ingredients to promote your body’s normal response to allergens, inflammation, and histamines. Our enhanced formula effectively delivers the natural immune and allergen support your body needs.

NAC - For protection and supporting glutathione levels in the lungs, the dosage is generally 500 to 1,000 mg daily; this supplement from NOW contains the full 1,000 in one dose. Consult with your primary care physician to see if this supplement and recommendation is right for you. 

We recommend lots and lots of fluid and rest. If you begin to experience any kind of shortness of breath seek medical attention immediately.