Decree Your Today

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Decrees carry major authority and are made from the promises that are in the word of God. Decrees are like a laser guided weapon with pin point accuracy.

Our words are like a thermostat that set the temperature for our today! Calling those things that do not exist as though they did is much like the thermostat in our home. If it’s 85 degrees in your home and you want it to be a 78, then you have to set the thermostat on your air conditioner at 78. When you do that, your thermostat starts working and creating the setting you want. As long as you leave the thermostat alone, it will continue to create the 78 degrees until the room reaches that temperature. This is the same thing about your decrees and words of life. Set your word thermostat today and call what is not and watch what God will do for you!

Our words of laser faith establish our day and our tomorrow! Our decrees insulate us from the harsh environment of the world, where the past and fear and doubt try to steal our minds. Our focused laser beam decrees wash away the junk and stinking thinking from our minds and heart. Remember out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So our words are a gate to protect what is in the heart! So use your words like a laser beam and find what you believe and keep constant in what you speak and watch your words go to work! So decree a thing and it shall be established! Make sure that what you are saying is something that God can establish and not the devil! Keep speaking and keep believing and your words will hit the target! Remember death and life both are in our words...choose life today and hit your target for tomorrow!! James 3:4-5