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Slim Shake™

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Slim shakes come in two delicious flavors. chocolate and vanilla. Each container of Slim Shakes contains 30 servings of delicious nutrition. Fortified with essential nutrients, Slim Shakes make a great meal replacement substitute with 11 grams of Protein per serving and only 110 calories. Slim also helps with those hunger cravings throughout the day. Each serving of Slim contains the proprietary Slendesta TM extract which is clinically proven to reduce hunger for up to three hours. This shake was actually created by a doctor for medical weight loss and soon found its way on the market today because it works.


For people trying to lose weight and doing it on a budget SlimShake™ is one of the best options. It can be found for $1.33 per serving or even lower if it is on sale on the website.  If you only purchase one bottle directly from their site it ends up being around $1.66 per serving for a single tub. That’s a great price and worth a full star in the value category.

Core Nutrition

Keeping your calories low is going to help you increase your weight loss success and with only 110 Calories per serving this shake will do exactly that. 11 grams of whey protein, 1 gram of sugar, and 5 grams of dietary fiber ensures you will be getting the right nutrients into your system to optimize fat loss. We want to see at least 10g of protein per serving in a shake to make sure the nutrient balance is optimal for weight loss and no more than 15-20g of carbs. If you’re doing intense exercise along with your weight loss, you might want to add an extra half scoop or full scoop to get a little more protein.

Supplemental Nutrition

The SlimShake™ contains a full multivitamin supplement and an all-natural hunger supplement called Slendesta that help replace a meal. With an average of about 50% of 20 vitamins and minerals, you’re going to get the healthy stuff you need to feel energized throughout the day. The 5g of fiber are going to help you hit your goal of 30g a day that is vital to losing weight. In addition the protein source in these shakes is whey protein, considered the gold standard in protein sources.

Unique and Powerful Weight Loss Support
Slim Shake™ is packed with essential nutrients that will help you cut your calories
and keep you feeling full for at least 3 hours. Slim Shake™ contains the powerful
patented hunger blocker Slendesta™. Proven to keep you full, Slim Shake™
will accelerate your weight loss and help you live a healthier happy life style.

Directions of Use
One rounded scoop with 8oz of cold water or skim milk.

Recommended use
Replace one or two meals each day with Slim Shake™ followed by a second glass of water. Make sure to eat 4 small, well balanced meals each day.

Best Times To Use
Start your day with Slim Shakes are Take a mid-afternoon a Slim Shake™ great before or after break and have a shake for breakfast. an exercise routine. to fight hunger & fatigue.


SlimShake™ contains a “patented hunger-blocker” called Slendesta. It’s an all-natural potato protein extract, which has been proven through clinical studies to help fill you up. This hunger blocker, along with the fiber controlled our hunger and craving for about 3 hours. Even when we mixed this shake with just water, we felt full until our next meal. If you’re looking for a shake that is low in calories but will fill you up for a few hours, SlimShake™ was certainly the best we’ve tried. (Steve for Minnesota)


The taste is simply amazing.If you LOVE chocolate then you will think you are drinking an a awesome type ice cream shake with no bad aftertaste at all. The Vanilla is the vest because you can ad pretty much anything to it. You can ad juice, berries or fruit to make that perfect shake your taste buds are craving!

In the end, this shake is well-formulated as a meal replacement shake, it tastes great, and comes in at a great price.

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